ToRa Pharmahandel:
your professional partner

ToRa Pharmahandel is a spezialised pharmaceutical wholesaler, based in West Germany, close to the city of Cologne. With more than 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical business, we can provide best service for a broad range of products.

Our portfolio includes:

unlicensed medicines

clinical trial supply

orphan drugs

sensitive goods (e.g. cold chain products)

controlled drugs (e.g. narcotics)

ToRa Pharma Qualitaetsmangement

Pharmaceutical drug safety and quality are our fundamental principles – you can be sure that:

we purchase only from original manufactures or qualified wholesalers

we regularly audit our suppliers

our employees are trained regularly

we consistently control and improve our quality management system

we use modern technology to measure temperature and humidity

we use temperature-controlled transports

Reliability and efficiency –
modern stock-logistics at ToRa Pharmahandel.

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